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Flashy Jim R7 robot by Sankei

Approximately 60 years old as of 2016 the date of this video and thumbnail image. Made in Japan circa 1956 by Sankei SNK, remote control powered by 2 x UM-2 C cells, simple walking action by blades which alternately project out of the feet and which have small metal wheels at the bottom which produces the rather wobbly gait, also has lighted eyes and mouth. There are two wind up clockwork versions, Sparkling Mike and Robbie the Roving Robot which are similar in appearance and use the same body with different litho printing which produce sparks. In terms of rarity Sparking Mike is the less rare, followed by Flashing Jim, then Robbie the Roving Robot being the rarest, all are rare to find. There is a reproduction of Sparkling Mike which is a good copy and initially can be tricky to see the difference, one thing to check is the small dome on top of the head where the antenna fits, the original is blue, the reproduction is black.

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