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Tin Tom Toys Catalog 2003

Tin Tom Toys was founded by Tom LIAO in 1999. Prior to their arrival there were no accurate reproductions of rare and desirable robots for collectors to buy, however in mysterious circumstances 'Tin Tom Toys' ceased trading shortly after 2003 to the great disappointment of robot collectors who at the time could put a high quality accurate albeit copy of a rare item in their collection. The molds, tools and equipment appear to have been acquired by other Chinese manufacturers, notably HA HA TOY and SCHYLLING (an American company) and to a lesser extent PAPA-SAN who made their own variations, HA HA TOY as of 2011 are still producing many of the reproduction robots started by Tin Tom Toys. The majority of the later repros of repros do not have the same quality of the original Tin Tom Toys, particularly the box and cardboard inserts rarely found in the later ones. At present Tin Tom Toys are not that sought after and do not achieve prices higher than their original cost, however I feel in the future and particularly the Radar Robot which to date has not been copied is showing signs of rising above the original cost and is one to watch, get one while you can ! --- Check out the 'Coming Soon' page added from the 2002 - 2003 catalog, mentions Diamond Planet, Door Robot, Space Conqueror, Mighty Robot and many more. What a pity they went out of business.
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Sinister Creep Robot box art by Comet Toys - Robert G. Johnson


Alps Bandai Moon Explorer Robot


Rosko Charley Weaver Bartender by Nomura

See Charley in action by visiting the YouTube link

Mr. Mercury artwork by Emma Gibbens

Robot artwork 1

Robot artwork 2


Alps Moon Explorer Robot box art