Robots by the late Henk Gosses of The Netherlands Robots by the late Henk Gosses of The Netherlands Gustav A limited edition by Henk, this image has been borrowed from Alphadrome courtesy of 'Robot Fool' . Henk Gosses was a highly respected and knowledgeable collector of robots, he was also was a talented robot builder . Residing in The Netherlands, he died unexpectedly during 2006. If you would like to know more about Henk, click on the 'Alphadrome' link at the top of this site and in the search facility enter - Henk, 12387377 Aviateur Robot by Henk Gosses Designed and made by the late Hendrick Gossess of Holland. Robot collector and maker 3990483 Green Henk Robot Aviateur variant 3990477 Laser 3000 Another one of Henks productions, Smoker with laser beam. 3990478 A threesome of Henk's Winkys Yonezawa Winky conversions. 3990484 Radicalised robot A Chief Robotman or Radical robot, repainted and converted by Henk 12388070 Dino Head Conversion 5689018 Pin Walker R-35 type pin walking conversion 5689326 Converted Robot A mixed bag of robot parts 3990480 Meteor Monitor ?? 3990485 Gustav prototype Forerunner to the limited edition Gustav 3990501 Lunar Surveyor Great Lunar Surveyor, and two others 3990502 Red Robot by Henk another tea caddy topped robot 3990486 Plastic robot See through plastic robot 3990504 Collection of Henk's Spot the tea caddy, Henk liked to use tea caddies to make robots 3990503 Zoomer convert Zoomer body with changes 3990505 Robot Not quite sure about this one. 3990487 Mr.Tesla Talking Robot version. Image borrowed from Ozzie, here is his website - 3990506 Flower Robot Horikawa origins, again thanks to Ozzie - 3990507