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Alps Door Television Spaceman Mechanical Brain Yoshiya Radical Mr Chief Horikawa SH Attacking Martian Fighting KO Venus Waco Laughing Mego Lunar Spaceman Roto Robot Spark Cragstan's Yonezawa Mechanic Directional Mr Mercury Robotman Robby Dux Astroman

Welcome to my collection of toy robots, astronauts, tinplate & diecast model road vehicles including 007 James Bond items.



        .....Above - Horikawa New Fighting Robot & Mr. Patrol with Siren



..................................Marx Mr. Mercury Robot


...Above - Yonezawa Mechanical Moon Robot & Cragstan Great Astronaut

Check out the links above for details of each robot, and their YouTube videos. 5 second picture delay, showing a quantity of toys in my collection.

Rosco Alps Rocket Man, Alps Door Robot, Alps Television Spaceman, Alps Moon Explorer Robot, Alps Mr. Robot The Mechanical Brain, Nomura X-70 Tulip Head Robot, Yoshiya Mighty Robot & many others including a collection of Horikawa SH Trademark Robots & Astronauts - Brown Attacking Martian, rear gold 'fly eye' Swivel-O-Matic & Mr. Hustler Robot, Attacking Martian with medallion doors, Piston Head Robot, Rotate O Matic, Horikawa Gear Robot with speed control, Horikawa Roto Robot, Swivel O Matic, silver & gold Horikawa Attacking Martian, Horikawa Fighting Robot

 Website updated - 16th. July 2018 - See all of these in the links at top of site -  Galoob Galaxy Warrior robot made in Hong Kong - Osaka Tin Toy Institute OTTI  repro Rosko Astronaut in red - Marx Mr. Mercury Robot - Horikawa SH New Fighting Robot and box - Bandai Mr. Robot  Jr. Junior See Thru - 3D printed Roboter 700 robot by Brian Hayes of Alphadrome - Alphabot Robot by John Rigg 2009 video now with flashing beacon - Horikawa Golden 'Super Mars King' robot AKA 'Super Astronaut Rotate O Matic' - Space Tank ME 091 with Robby Robot driver, Made in China rarer version -  Plastic Mego Clifford Giant Robot  Made in Hong Kong  1970s - Corgi 270 1st early silver version 007 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 - Rare light  pale blue 106A/OC Spot-On BMC Austin Prime Mover with MGA in crate - Horikawa Excavator Robot 1st version - Yonezawa Mechanical Moon robot AKA Ribbon Head Robby robot reproduction - SH Horikawa Mr Patrol with Siren robot - Horikawa Radar Robot with Television Screen - Hong Kong plastic Space Warrior & Super Astronaut Star Wars robots - Alps Planet Explorer X-1 space tank - John Rigg 3D printed Nando il robot telecomando - Mexican Robot 3D printed by John Rigg - Another Made in Bulgaria RO3 Space Explorer Robot, this one with a label affixed  that translates as Neptune ?? -  Group of John Rigg robots, Mr Servo, Alpha Strider, Jaggernaut, Foki, Alpha Rama robots - Ivory Cream White interior Corgi 271 Aston Martin DB5 James Bond  car  1/36 scale - Sankei Flashy Jim R7 robot - Mr. Servo & Alpha Strider John Rigg robots - Lone Star Dan Dare Ray Gun Pistol - Alpha-Rama Mechanized Alphabot Robot by John Rigg, based on Bender from Futurama - Bulgarian Robots RO1 RO2 RO3 -Pogot Hex Head  Soviet era Russian wind up plastic Robot -  SH Horikawa Super Astronaut robot - Bandai 4022 VW Volkswagen Sedan Beetle with opening driver's Door - John Rigg Jaggernaut Mechanized Alphabot Robot - Cragstan Great Astronaut robot, Alps - Moon Robot by Yonezawa  AKA Ribbon Head Robby Robot - Cam-10 Robot - Hawker Siddeley Harrier Jump Jet - R-1 Rescue Robot by Rocket USA - video Horikawa Engine Gear Robot with Electronic Room - Horikawa Golden Roto-Robot and video, Sunbeam Rapier saloon car Hong Kong Plastic - Masudaya Modern Toys Walking Knight in Armour robot - Durham M101 Aston Martin Secret Ejector James Bond remote control Car - Daiya Ranger Robot - Shackleton Foden FG Flatbed Lorry - Triang Minic Hillman Minx electric model car - Horikawa Red Fly Eye Robot Head Rotate-O-Matic - Bandai VW Beetle with driver figure and visible working engine in 4 colours - Franklin Mint 1969 Triumph Bonneville - SH Horikawa Dino Robot original  & YouTube video - Bulgarian Electromechanical Robot, Made in Bulgaria - Marx Bristol 188 Jet Aeroplane - Volkswagen Nomura R-10 Space Patrol Car - BCM Space Outlaw Atomic Pistol - Honda CB72 250 Dream Super Sport Superhawk motor cycle -  KO Yoshiya boxed Jupiter robot - 1956 Forbidden Planet Film Posters - Corgi Juniors James Bond OHMSS, On Her Majesty's Secret Service set - Agente Especial Spain Aston Martin DB5 - Masudaya Modern Toys Walther PPK pistol & Thunderball Speedboat - Space Evil robot in green and burgundy - Nomura Batman Robot - Yoshiya Gang of Five large scale skirted robots - Laserbot by Botoy Tai Way Shing Kee Toys - Trendmasters Iron Giant remote control robot - RM Heli-Robot propeller Helicopter Robot - MTH Mikes Toy House Mr. Atomic Robot silver - Bandai Volkswagen Beetle with driver figure sedan group colours, copper bronze, red & blue - Toy State, ToyState make Goldfinger James Bond  007 Aston Martin DB5 with lights & sound - Yonezawa Space Explorer robot, transforms from a TV set to walking robot - Yonezawa M-27 Moon Explorer YouTube video - Cragstan Daiya big red Astronaut - 5  extra Youtube vidoes added, Nomura X-70 Tulip Head, Horikawa Golden Attacking Martian, Horikawa Big Head Red Fly Eye Attacking Martian, Hong Kong Plastic Astronaut from the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odessey - Triang Spot On model collection - M101 James Bond 007 Aston Martin DB5 tin car showing exposed working parts - 'Gang of Five' Space Walk Man  robot 'YouTube' video - Hallmark 2009 Robby Robot Christmas Ornament Keepsake from the 1956 film Forbidden Planet - Audio added to home page & Robby Mechanized Robot Album - SJM Taiwan Piston Robot, Horikawa copy - YouTube Videos of Yoshiya Mighty Robot, Horikawa Silver Ray Secret Weapon Space Scout, Horikawa Space Explorer TV Astronaut, Horikawa Rotate-O-Matic Astronaut,TN Nomura X-70 Tulip Head robot & KO Yoshiya Mighty Robot, Horikawa Mr. Hustler robot head version video - Alps Bandai Moon Explorer Robot circa 1966 - Bandai Volkswagen Beetle Politie police car made for the Dutch Holland market, 1960s Cragstan Yonezawa Talking Robot video - KO Yoshiya Venus wind up robot - Imai Captain Patrol robot, Bandai Missiler robot, Metal House Space Evil robot in burgundy - Marx Hong Kong 007 plastic Aston Martin DB5 - Dark Gray Gilbert 007 Aston Martin tin car - Cragstan Modern Toys (Masudaya) Knight in Armor Target Game - Kinsman Robot Machine Conveyer video - 1956 Nomura C cell UM-2 battery Robby Mechanized Robot, Tin Tom Toys 2003 Catalog, Rosko Alps Rocket Man in Space Armor - Horikawa Silver Ray Secret Weapon Space Scout - Popy Robocon Teacher Sanshu Gantsu Fruit Machine Bandit Robot, Horikawa Mr. Hustler Robot head version, Russian Wind Up, Miss Melody The Musical Girl Robot - Arnold Mac 700 motor cycle Made in Germany  Below -  Horikawa SH Trademark Robots & Astronauts - Brown Attacking Martian, rear gold 'fly eye' Swivel-O-Matic & Mr. Hustler Robot, Attacking Martian with medallion doors, Piston Head Robot, Rotate O Matic, Horikawa Gear Robot with speed control, Horikawa Roto Robot, Swivel O Matic, silver & gold Horikawa Attacking Martian, Horikawa Fighting Robot..  


.......... ...... .........................................

....See Mr. Mercury, Astroman and Ranger in action in the link 'YouTube Toy Videos'

   Dux Astroman Emma Gibbens

I am based near Boston, Lincolnshire, UK. and have been collecting toys of all types for many years. During the last few years my interest slowly turned to robots, I have a relatively small collection compared to others. Hopefully I will acquire a few more in the years ahead. Thank you for visiting my site, hope you enjoyed it. You can leave a message in the link 'Feel free to comment'.


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Sinister Creep Robot box art by Comet Toys - Robert G. Johnson


Alps Bandai Moon Explorer Robot


Rosko Charley Weaver Bartender by Nomura

See Charley in action by visiting the YouTube link

Mr. Mercury artwork by Emma Gibbens

Robot artwork 1

Robot artwork 2


Alps Moon Explorer Robot box art